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Gambling is a fun and safe pastime for the majority of the millions of people across the globe who gamble on a regular basis. Some play casino games like video slots, as a way of relaxing, or as an entertaining way of killing time - click in this link. Others try and make some cash on the side from this popular hobby. 

Slots are a game of luck and this is emphasized further when you consider that all slot spin results are random. The current industry standard practice for creating these random spin results comes in the form of Random Number Generators. These generators are used extensively throughout the gambling industry and are also used at virtual Roulette tables and other virtual table games, where the human touch is absent. So, with this in mind, can you actually apply strategies to slots gaming? 

Understanding the Odds 

Before you spin a video slot you have to understand that the odds of winning regularly are against you. This is because of the random nature of each spin and the fact that slots give the house an edge over punters. You have to also check the paytable of each game to see what the odds are of hitting the top symbol combinations. Games that give you the most generous odds of landing top paying sequences should be the ones to play. 

Preparing Your Bankroll 

Once you are clear of the random nature of slots, the house edge and the odds of landing big wins, the next thing is to prepare your bankroll. The best strategy here is never to over- spend and never to chase your losses. Stick to your bankroll rigidly and if you win, bank 80 percent of your winnings and use the rest to play on, this will prevent you from losing it all back. It is also tempting to increase your stake once on a winning streak, but this can be dangerous. 

The best way of sticking to a set spending amount is by placing deposit limits on all of your casino accounts. You can also set loss limits too. If you have a habit of spending too long on video slots, then session reminders are useful in letting you know that you should stop and doing something else instead. 

RTP and Slots 

You may have heard of the RTP of slots, this refers to the Return To Player percentage score of each game. Games with a high RTP score can actually reverse a little of the house edge that most slots create. The RTP score is a calculation that give punters an estimate of what they can expect back in winnings from a large number of spins. Slots with a score above 96 percent are worth trying. The RTP score doesn’t always work out precisely, but high RTP games give punters the best chance of getting a decent return on their staking money. For example, if you spend a lot of time on a slot with an RTP score of 96 percent, you can eventually expect to get 96 percent of your staking cash back, although this can be much lower or higher depending on bonuses and special features.

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