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Welcome to NEWS AGENCY by and was founded by Greg Rogers from over a decade ago. We have expanded dramatically in that time but our business has always stayed the same. We provide news and information on the business scene in Australia and our region.

Working with many media businesses, we publish and create inspiring small business and personal finance content to help Australian business people to share their news and to inform Australians of recent developments.

We started out as a media business creating a number of information and ecommerce websites on which to work with our advertisers and partners. Today, has a news service and a dedicated SME site at

The media industry has changed a lot since we started and we’ve enhanced our services to meet new demands. We embraced digital publishing and social media marketing as we started to offer a range of public relations and social media marketing services.

We expanded our reach in niche publishing, with joint ventures to supply travel, health, business and finance content to our readers.

We launched over 15 niche websites to provide dedicated targeted marketing channels for our advertisers and to better serve our vast readership.

Our growing team of media professionals bring a wide range of knowledge and expertise to any project including sponsored content, advertorial marketing and social media buzz. With backgrounds in journalism, video production, digital marketing, creative industries and start ups, we are well placed to assist people to promote their business services and products.

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We are based in Byron Bay with reporters in overseas and Australian bureaus.

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