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Teledyne e2v Introduces First Radiation-Tolerant DDR4 Memory for Space Applications

GRENOBLE, FRANCE - Media OutReach - 25 May 2020 - Teledyne e2v has announced the DDR4T04G72M -- the first radiation-tolerant DDR4 memory chip, featuring a total 4GB capacity. Currently v...

Teledyne e2v、初の耐放射線宇宙アプリケーション用DDR4メモリを発表

フランス・グルノーブル - Media OutReach - 2020年5月25日- Teledyne e2vは、本日、4GB&#...

Teledyne e2v, 우주용 애플리케이션을 위한 최초의 Radiation(내방사선) DDR4 메모리 공개

프랑스 그르노블 - Media OutReach - 2020년 5월 25일 - Teledyne e2v는 총 용량 4GB인 최초의 &#...

Tammy Fit App Launches Smoothie Bar

Tammy Hembrow has launched The Smoothie Bar on her hugely successful exercise app, Tammy Fit, today, Wednesday 13 May.   The delicious smoothies come from Sydney naturopath and nutritionist Maddie Bingham, who was approached by Tammy earlier this year to formulate recipes... Read more


A whopping 85 per cent of primary parents spend at least a couple of hours per day supporting their child’s at-home learning, according to new research from Cluey Learning. Of that div, 30 per cent of parents are dedicating their “whole... Read more

7 ways to maximise on-the-ground point earnings

Many frequent flyers might wonder how their point earnings and redemptions will be affected by the recent Virgin Australia news and flight restrictions. Point Hacks (, one of Australia’s biggest communities of airline rewards experts, has provided a guide on... Read more

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