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In the modern world, cybersport is gaining more and more popularity and recognition. One of the brightest examples of success is the Ukrainian club NAVI, owned by Maksym Krippa. According to sports commentator Vitaliy Volochay, the value of NAVI exceeds $100 million, making it the second most expensive club in Ukraine after Shakhtar. This emphasizes the importance and influence of cybersport in our country.

This is reported by the business portal with reference to interviewof Vitaliy Volochay to Roman Bebeh on Youtube channel "Bombardier"

One of the main reasons for NAVI's success is their star player on CS:GO - Oleksandr S1mple Kostylev. This outstanding athlete, previously considered the most expensive Ukrainian athlete before Mykhailo Mudryk's transfer to Chelsea, is attracting the attention of not only national but also international audiences.

However, the success of the NAVI cybersports club is not only due to their outstanding players, but also due to their international status. The number of foreign fans of NAVI significantly exceeds the number of Ukrainian fans, and the largest army of fans of the club is located in Brazil. NAVI cybersports club differs from Ukrainian football clubs in that it has sponsorship contracts with international companies, which significantly expands its opportunities on the world stage.

The club's capitalisation growth has been driven largely by the investment of its owner, Maksym Krippa. At the end of 2018, Maksym Krippa became the owner of NAVI Cybersports Club and the deal was fully completed in the summer of 2022. Krippa's investment and strategic vision has allowed the club to grow and reach impressive heights.

According to the official website

"The deal itself was stretched over time and involved the new owner fulfilling certain obligations. In the end, they were even over-fulfilled, and thanks to Maksym Krippa's investment, the NAVI has strengthened both in sporting performance and infrastructurally in four years.

During this time we have significantly increased our presence in disciplines and opened an academy for young CS:GO and Dota 2 players in Ukraine, and two of our graduates are already playing at tier-1 level.

A high-tech office with gaming penthouses has also been built in Kiev, while a similar infrastructure in Berlin will be launched in the first quarter of 2023. The club's staff has grown fourfold over this period."

Maksym Krippa's Cybersports Club has become one of the brightest examples of how the power of cybersports is turning the perception of sport upside down and attracting huge attention from investors and fans. In Ukraine, cybersport has long been more than just a hobby; it is an industry with high potential and unlimited opportunities for growth.

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