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Relocating a spa from one place to another can be a daunting task due to its size and weight. Whilst a DIY move is possible, it is highly recommended to hire professionals, as moving a spa typically involves specialised equipment to ensure a safe transfer. 

Before making a final decision visit the website or office of removalists in your area to get a quote and get more details about their services and moving equipment that you can rent to move your spa. In case you decide to proceed with a DIY move, ask for help from family/friends, exercise patience and follow these instructions and best practices for handling your spa carefully. 

Materials/Equipment Needed:

  • Cleaning supplies
  • Measuring tools
  • Moving straps
  • Furniture dollies
  • Thick blankets


Plan and prepare your materials and equipment

When dealing with heavy and bulky items like a spa or hot tub, meticulous planning is crucial. Determine how the spa will be disassembled and removed from its current location and loaded onto the moving vehicle. Measure the spa's dimensions and the passage areas it will go through to reach the truck or moving vehicle. Ensure it can fit through all entryways and corridors, particularly if any modifications have been made to your home since the spa's installation. 

Disconnect cords or tubes

Once you have confirmed the spa's path, start by disconnecting all electrical and plumbing connections. Coil the cords and place them in waterproof containers or bags before storing them within the spa's compartments. If your spa does not have a compartment, label the cords and containers before packing them with other electrical items you're taking during the move. 

Relocate the spa or hot tub

Regardless of the spa's size or weight, using wooden supports to distribute its weight is highly recommended. This will facilitate the use of furniture dollies or other moving equipment, minimising the risk of damage such as scratches and bumps. Whilst it's possible to move the spa with the assistance of friends, hiring professionals who possess the necessary knowledge and equipment for moving heavy items like spas is a safer option. They are experienced in handling such tasks, making the process more efficient and less physically demanding for you. 

Drain the spa or hot tub

After disconnecting and relocating the spa or hot tub to an outdoor area, ensure it is properly drained to prevent moisture-related damage. Different spa models may have varying draining procedures, so consult the manufacturer's guide and follow the instructions closely, especially if it's your first time moving your spa. This will help minimise the risk of damage during the move. 

Packing and Final Preparation

To provide additional protection, use thick blankets or similar materials to cover the spa. This padding will safeguard the surface and prevent damage if the vehicle passes through tight corners or rough roads. If you've hired professionals, entrust them with the proper handling of your spa during loading and unloading from the vehicle. 

No matter the size and distance of your move, investing in high-quality packing materials can help keep your belongings safe, especially whilst being transported from your old home to your new residence. When possible, opt for hiring professionals, especially if your house has been modified after the installation of the spa, making it difficult to move it out of the house. In most cases, professionals have the experience and the proper equipment to move your spa to the moving vehicle safely.

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