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  • This challenge forms an integral part of the DHL Era of Sustainable Logistics Asia Pacific Chapter, which will be held in Singapore, from July 24-25, 2024
  • At the Era of Sustainable Logistics Asia Pacific Chapter, finalists will get a chance to showcase their solutions to DHL's top 200 customers, enabling them to gain exposure and visibility to an international audience
  • The winner will earn the opportunity to start a joint pilot project with DHL in Asia Pacific and receive expert support from the DHL innovation team
  • Submission deadline is April 30, 2024
SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 19 April 2024 - DHL is hosting its second Fast Forward Challenge for the Asia Pacific region with the theme Sustainable Solutions, and is calling for businesses, start-ups, and innovators with sustainable solutions to participate. Organizations committed to sustainability with the capability to operate in the Asia Pacific region are welcome to submit a pitch deck or video by April 30, 2024.

DHL invites sustainability innovators and startups to participate in Fast Forward Challenge

DHL will shortlist solution providers who will pitch their solutions at the grand finale to hundreds of customers and DHL partners at the DHL Era of Sustainable Logistics Asia Pacific Chapter in Singapore, taking place from July 24-25, 2024. The winners also stand a chance to start a pilot project with DHL in Asia Pacific, receive expert support from the DHL innovation team, gain access to the global DHL network, earn attractive cash prizes, and have the potential to exhibit its solution in the DHL Innovation Centers worldwide.

Applicants must address the following topics in their pitch submission via the Fast Forward Challenge website:

  • An overview of the company and what is represents
  • The problem it is tackling
  • How the solution solves the problem
  • How the company contributes to sustainability
  • The steps the company will take to scale the solution
  • How will the company collaborate with DHL customers and DHL in the future
"The widely successful Era of Sustainable Logistics Summit – Europe and Middle East chapters – attracted over 1,000 like-minded attendees to share their best practices and discuss revolutionary green solutions to tackle climate change. We are excited to bring this to Asia Pacific, where innovation continues to thrive so that we can collaborate and develop cleaner, greener logistics," said Katja Busch, Chief Commercial Officer and Head of DHL Customer Solutions & Innovation.

The first Fast Forward Challenge that attracted hundreds of participants from around the world saw Malaysia-based business Origo Eco emerge as the winner in Valencia, Spain last year. Origo Eco converts agricultural waste and by-products into compostable materials used in everyday products. Since their win, they have been working with DHL closely to develop a wood-free, cost-effective and compostable pallet for more sustainable shipping and storage within the supply chain.

"The Fast Forward challenge embodies DHL's aim to help identify and scale innovative, viable and sustainable solutions. This is an excellent opportunity for innovators, start-ups and businesses to present their ideas, seek input, improve on them and maximize its potential. Through a joint effort, we can fast forward to a sustainable future," said Tay Yi Ning, Head of DHL Asia Pacific Innovation Center.

Join the Era of Sustainable Logistics Asia Pacific Chapter in Singapore The Era of Sustainable Logistics is a collaborative platform to combat climate change. Organizations are invited to pioneer a new business epoch with sustainability as its backbone, touching on energy management solutions, alternative energy sources for transportation, sustainable packaging and containers, and new sustainable business models.

The first and second Era of Sustainable Logistics events were held in Valencia, Spain, and Dubai, United Arab Emirates, in April and December 2023, respectively. These efforts are a part of DHL's commitment to achieving net-zero emissions for logistics operations by 2050 by uniting decision-makers, thought leaders and stakeholders to focus on developing cleaner, greener logistics. Innovators that would like to make a difference in building greener supply chains, or are interested in learning how to make their business future-ready, can also apply for a ticket to the event here.

For more details on the Fast Forward Challenge: Sustainable Solutions APAC Edition, please visit here or contact DHL at [email protected].

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