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  • Written by Media Outreach is a platform, provides one-stop global e-commerce logistics services and develops into a transshipment center for online shopping according to the different needs of customers. Creating an international online shopping flow hub. The service network covers all parts of the world which providing customers with one-stop service. integrates online shopping discount information, logistics services, and transshipment services. At the same time, it creates a five-star logistics service for customers, which is different from the other logistics companies in the current market.

1. Overseas consolidation without boundaries

Ship different types of goods with confidence.

2. Local logistics plus freezer service

Flexible to meet all the needs for industries plus equipped thirty -18oC frozen storage.

3. Double protection, Double Careful

We provide customers with optional logistics protection plans. If customers transport valuable electronic products, we are offering an optionally plan with pay a premium of 3% of the product price for a maximum guaranteed compensation amount of HKD100,000.

4. Wide service network coverage

The service network covers Hong Kong, China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and Indonesia.

5. Easy to extract without restriction 

Operate and cooperates with local shops more than 60 pick-up points in Hong Kong, which is convenient for customers to pick up goods and supports local shops.

6. Diversified services for all kind of guests

Provide services such as overseas consolidation, local delivery, shipment export, self-pickup at freezing goods, and overseas purchasing services to solve customer needs in one stop.

7. Reasonable price

The first weight starts at HK$17/lb,  order cut off each week, and from the warehouse to Hong Kong just need 7-10 working days.

8. Comprehensive service with delivery service

The goods can be delivered at 48 pick-up points in Hong Kong, and international shipping as well.


Welcome Reward

GoBuyShip is now launching an exclusive welcome reward. Log in: and complete registration. You will receive a promotional code and 500 points which can be used to deduct the shipping fee.

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