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If you’re looking for reliable office renovation cleaning in Melbourne, Sydney, Perth or any other major city, steam cleaning should be something that’s in their repertoire. Why do we say this? Well, there are key benefits that come with steam cleaning in particular when it comes to carpets. Let’s take a closer look at what some of those are.

1. Steam Cleaning Gets Everything the Vacuum Misses

After you vacuum most carpets, they look quite clean and smart, but the truth is that there is always something else lurking down there. Things like pet dander, dead bugs and insect allergens are often not picked up even by high-quality vacuum cleaners, which is why steam cleaning is the best choice.

Besides these things, steam cleaning gets to things like lead, outdoor particles tracked in on people’s shoes, and even volatile organic compounds (VOCs) that emanate from paint and the glue used on some office furniture. The vacuum cleaner is a great tool for getting rid of surface dust, but it can’t shift the same level of pollutants and other harmful particles that steam cleaning can.

2. Steam Cleaning Will Help Prevent Mould

Mould is the enemy of good health in the office or the home for a number of reasons. The tricky thing about mould, too, is that it can form literally anywhere. A truly worrying thing is that mould can trigger allergic reactions, the chances of which are increased in an office with more people and thus more chance of someone being sensitive to such allergens.

No amount of vacuuming will rid you of mould, even if you collected up the surface particles. If there is dust and oxygen, there’s a chance that mould will grow, and carpets are one of its favourite places to generate. Steam cleaning will rid any carpet of mould right down to its foundations, ensuring that it won’t simply regrow after cleaning.

3. Steam Cleaning Keeps Your Carpet Fresh Longer

Most forms of everyday cleaning are just cosmetic, but steam cleaning is a form of deep cleaning that will essentially be breathing new life into your carpet each time you use it. What’s more, you don’t have to do it as often because the effects are much longer lasting. The depth of the clean means that you can do a steam cleaning on a carpet once every 12 or even 18 months and come up with superb results.

Of course, if your office has any renovations during that time, then a deep cleaning will also be necessary to help remove the many particulates, debris and other matter that naturally gets left behind.

4. It’s Chemical Free

Other cleaning methods might boast incredible power and efficacy when it comes to fighting things like mould, bacteria and insect allergens lurking in your carpet, but in fact steam cleaning is just as effective but without using those harsh chemicals. Some cleaning products can be very bad for the carpet, depending on its colour and material. If you’ve invested in high-quality dark carpeting, then harsh chemicals aren’t going to do it many favours.

Are There Downsides to Steam Cleaning?

Actually, yes there are some. Steam cleaning is arguably the safest and most effective cleaning method for carpets, but one of the big downsides is that you have to wait for the carpet to dry before you can walk on it again. In some cases, the drying process can take 24 hours, but that’s why most offices will do deep cleaning at the end of a work day, or at the weekend when nobody will be in the office space.

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