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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 12 January 2022 - Hong Kong's first NFT with football management simulation GameFi, developed by local NFT & Blockchain game developer HolyShxxt!!, will be opened for public minting on 14 February 2022 on its official website ( in Ethereum (ETH). The team is committed to launch a strategic football management simulation GameFi within three months from the day all NFTs are minted. Join us and play to earn!


The NFTs will be opened for minting in three stages:


Stage 1: Elite Mint

Stage 2: Pre-sale

Stage 3: Public Sale


23-25 January 2022

11-14 February 2022

14 February 2022


0.1 ETH

0.11 ETH

0.13 ETH


Elite Member & VIP

Free Mint & Whitelist







Join the community of HolyShxxt!! on Discord now and stand a chance to become an Elite or white list member or get an opportunity of free mint before the public minting of limited soccer players NFTs. For privileges and details, please visit official Discord channel:


A strategic football management simulation GameFi like the popular "Football Manager" series will be launched three months after all NFTs are minted, in which players can choose to be "Manager" to arrange line-ups, formations, and tactics, or as "Agent" to put their NFT players in the Club following Manager's lead to win. Winners can earn "Key0Coin", the game token for subsequent rare NFT and special merchandise transactions in the future.


"A vibrant community is a key to the success of HolyShxxt!!. When designing our minting mechanism, we are doing batches in the presale to prevent gas war. For those who have engaged and participated in our community at an early stage, they will be able to mint first while having the flexibility to mint when the gas fee is lower," said LCM Founder and Initiator of HolyShxxt!!.  

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