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ReadingIQ extends its online learning platform for free during COVID-19 restrictions

Business entrepreneur Andrew Banks today in partnership with ReadingIQ and ABCmouse has launched a free initiative to allow Aussie families to access its digital library and literacy platform for free.

Edtech leader, ReadingIQ includes thousands of books for children 12 and under and can be used on computers, tablets, and smartphones. ReadingIQ has been quick to respond to the pressures COVID-19 has placed on at home learning for parents juggling working from home commitments and at home schooling and has opened up its extensive library for free.

An innovator in the education sector, ReadingIQ provides free at-home access to parents to help Primary School and early Secondary School students keep learning while schools are closed. The online service helps parents with children aged 3-12 years of age, the immersive platform has over 10,000 subject for children to learn from and is one of the leading digital solutions available.

Andrew Banks is an investor and board member of ReadingIQ and says the initiative couldn’t come at a better time for parents who are juggling work, keeping kids occupied and fulfilling at home learning commitments.

“As the school term resumes, parents are limited in their choices for online educational learning. ReadingIQ completely solves that problem and is a solution for parents with kids aged 3-12 years old who are looking for educational stimulus and learning that can be accessed online and remotely,” he said.

“By making ReadingIQ’s services free to all families there is no price barrier for parents who want to ensure their children are still learning during these unprecedented and unexpected times. We’re excited to offer such a great digital service to Aussie parents and hope that ReadingIQ can offer some assistance but also benefit to families all around the country,” says Banks.

ReadingIQ is one of the initiatives Banks is working on as a direct result of COVID-19 restrictions and is finalising a solution for retailers struggling with reduced services and a downturn in customer spend on his newest startup, a cashback rewards platform. is working on a customer centric solution for retailers big and small across Australia and is hoping to roll something out within the next few weeks.

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