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As an adult, you must be sure of your choices. If you’ve decided to get your teeth straightened and chosen the Invisalign treatment, you have made the right decision. However, your work of making decisions doesn’t end here. Since you have decided to go for Invisalign, your next move is to choose the right orthodontist.   

When handing over the responsibility of aligning your teeth, you want to find the best provider. But what shall you consider to choose an orthodontist to provide your Invisalign?   

Here are the most important five things to consider when choosing an Invisalign Brisbane orthodontist.  

  1. Check out the reviews 

When choosing your Invisalign orthodontists, it is a must to check for reviews to make a final decision. In today’s digital era, most businesses have a website, and if they do have a website, their site will also have reviews.  

Whether there are positive, neutral or negative reviews for the orthodontist, these can be a great indicator of how this business treats its clients. It would be best if you took the time to review all or at least some of the reviews to shortlist some orthodontists and add them to your selection list. Once you have a list of orthodontists with good reviews ready, you will get one step closer to choosing the right professional for yourself.  

  1. Time for a field trip 

Before you make up your mind to choose an Invisalign provider, take a trip to their clinic. Before you get there, ensure to call them and book a preliminary consultation. Most orthodontists offer free consultations so that you may make the most of this opportunity. 

As you get into their clinic, try to find answers to these questions:  

  • * Is the clinic hygienic? 
  • * How is the staff? Are they friendly? 
  • * How do you feel when you enter the clinic? 
  • * Does the clinic look and feel professional? 
  • * From how many years has the clinic been around? 
  • * How far is it located from your home or office? 
  • * What are their timings? 
  • * Do they work over the weekends? 


You know you are at the right place if you get a positive reply for all or at least most of the questions mentioned above.   

  1. Ask some questions about them  

When choosing an Invisalign orthodontist, many hesitate to ask questions about the orthodontist’s professional experience. Take our advice and never hesitate to ask these questions as they are essential for your decision. In the end, they are the ones who are going to handle your teeth. They should be able to answer all your questions regarding their professional experience and background.   

Ensure to ask questions like:   

  •   How long have they been practising at this particular clinic? 

This may be a warning sign if an orthodontist moves from clinic to clinic. On the other hand, choosing an orthodontist who has been with the same clinic for years showcases commitment and credibility.   

  •   If they’ve done any Invisalign certified training? 

Invisalign has certificated orthodontists, and dentists can undergo additional training in Invisalign’s advancements. Inquire if they have done any certified training course to understand how prepared they are to manage different Invisalign cases.  

  1. Ask the orthodontist about how many Invisalign cases they’ve handled  

Now, this is an important question. When you go for your Invisalign consultation or dental check-up, ask your orthodontist how many cases they’ve managed in a specific time. An expert and knowledgeable orthodontist will have many complete, ongoing and beginning cases for Invisalign. This could be a warning sign if they have a significant gap in handling Invisalign cases.   

  1. Take some before and after photos home with you  

A professional Invisalign orthodontist will not mind sharing the before and after photographs with you. In most cases, clinics take initial and final photos of their Invisalign patients to show to other potential clients. Do not hesitate to ask about these photographs and take some time to go through these pictures carefully. You may request them to share these photos with you so you may go home, look at them, and think about it. You know you are at the right clinic if you find a visible difference in all the before and after photos. However, if you find it challenging to interpret the images, then this may be a sign that this isn’t the orthodontist for you.   

You must stay calm and take your time when choosing an Invisalign provider. Research and investigate well to avoid selecting the wrong orthodontist. It is apparent that you didn’t decide to straighten your smile in a day; it must have taken some long contemplation. Hence, choosing an orthodontist to help you with your teeth must take the same amount of consideration.  


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