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Sydney is a magnet for tourists. The visitors come from all parts of the world and throughout the year. This comes as no surprise, taking into account city’s rich historical heritage, cultural and night life and the natural beauty of the location it was built on. However, it is somewhat less prominent that Sydney is also one of the most cosmopolitan cities when it comes to the choice of restaurants and a home to a lot of cool eating places. These are the cool places you absolutely need to give a taste.

The Butler

If you are a fan of French food and atmosphere, this lovely place located in Sydney’s Potts Point will make you feel as if you were eating in one of the best Parisian restaurants. style. It offers all the best from the French inspired cuisine and more, such as Bacheofe and Carpaccio, as well as Creole lamb ribs, to name just a few. A wide selection of beverages is understood. Coupled with a breathtaking city view, it makes a perfect place for group lunches and romantic dinners alike.

Chaco Bar

For all avid consumers of Japanese food, Chaco Bar is a place that must be visited. Anything you ever wanted to try that can be served on sticks is prepared there, including traditional and more modern combinations, all grilled on white charcoal. From crispy chicken skin rolled in cabbage, to enoki mushrooms, to lamb shoulder spiced with various additions, all these tasty dishes will leave no visitor unsatisfied or hungry. The industrial looking interior adds to authenticity of the place and contrasts the traditional manner of food preparation, making this dining spot even more authentic.

Trunk Road

Upon entering this restaurant and seeing the candle lit tables, darkened walls and hearing jazz music coming from the stereo, first time visitors may be mistaken that they went into an Italian restaurant. The impression deepens when they are served Negroni as an appetizer. However, it is in fact a subcontinental food gem that offers delicious and affordable meals that will meet any taste preferential. If the abundance of the offer makes it hard for you to choose, you cannot not go wrong with any of the roadies accompanied by curry fries, if spicy is what you prefer.

The Cooks Garden

Sydney’s North Shore is well-known for its restaurants and the Cooks Garden stands out among them as a place where you can taste contemporary Australian cooking in a traditional English pub atmosphere. You can dine in a beautiful indoor and outdoor setting and choose from a great variety of meat, seafood or vegetarian meals, including gluten free options. Also, this authentic spot is not just about cuisine. It is a lively place visited by the locals and international businessmen alike and a home of a great selection of wines and draft beer.


Despite being a new restaurant, Hubert made it to the top of Timeout’s list of the best restaurants in Sydney. This has to stand for something. And, it truly does. The atmosphere, the simultaneous grandness and intimacy of the place, the discrete music, acoustic isolation that allows you to have the most sensitive conversations despite being just a wall away from the busy street are just some of the things that impress the guests. And, when the food is served, the satisfaction is complete. All versions of chicken, steak tartare or rabbit rillettes, accompanied by cocktails and followed by ‘Melon en Surprise’ for dessert are a sure win.

Seeing all that Sydney has to offer takes a lot of energy and when you need to restore it, these are the dining places that should not be missed. If you are staying only for a day, whichever you choose will not be a mistake. If you are staying longer, do give them all a go.

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