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Australia has always been known to provide some of the best horse races within history. Those that are into the sport will already know the prestigious racecourses, the seasons they take place and all the many glorious horses that have come and gone over the years. 

The best racecourses in Australia are all concentrated around the regions of Melbourne and Sydney, where Australia is heavily populated and has a huge attraction for sports. The sports venues here can easily rival some of the best dotted around the globe, especially in locations such as England, France, Japan and the United States. If you are collating a bucket list of the best racetracks to visit, you have certainly come to the right place. Down below are some of the most famous racecourses within Australia that you need to visit.

The vast majority of Aussie bookmakers will allow you to place bets on a range of races happening at these particular racecourses. You can get started right away by checking out the race tips tomorrow on a range of different events and courses.  


The Flemington is a racecourse that is famous for holding one of the greatest horse races ever- the Melbourne Cup. Every first Tuesday of the Month of November, we see a 90,000 crowd around the legendary horses that run the 2000 metre length of the racecourse. Not only does this event get hosted to enthusiastic horse racing fans, but we also see many A-Listers that make their way here every year to witness historical moments, but also to place bets of their own on the many contenders that take place in the race. Even though the racecourse provides seating for 90,000 people, it is common fact that 750 million people world-wide tune in to get in on the action taking place here. Without a doubt, it deserves a visit, and preferably during the time of the Melbourne Cup!


Caulfield is Australia’s most famous racetrack, for its history and the essential resource that it provides for the Triple Crown. Located just 16 kilometres from Flemington, this racecourse holds a capacity of 47,000 people. Not only does it hold space for the Caulfield Cup, but the Spring Racing Carnival also takes place here during spring, meaning if you are planning to visit here, you should definitely try and time your visit depending on what you would like to attend more. However, due to the fact that both the Caulfield and the Flemington are so close to each other, you will be able to check out both very easily, via hopping on to some local public transport-so it is definitely a win-win situation.

Royal Randwick 

Royal Randwick is the home and magnet for racing within Sydney. Hosting racing here from as early as 1833, it is one of the oldest and longest surviving locations within the horseracing industry all over the world.

The track provides 20 alternative races within the group 1 category each and every year, meaning no matter what time of the year you attend, you can usually be lucky enough to catch wind of an exciting and energising race. However, what really puts this racetrack

on the map for horse racing, is the time it hosted Everest back in 2017. At the time, this race provided one of the biggest prize money wins of all time and gave Australia the wealthiest turf of races in the world. Surprisingly however, this race prize pot has gone up by $7 million since, due to more investment and popularity. It is the crown racetrack of all other racetracks and has most definitely witnessed great historical moments here.


Rosehill is another leading racetrack located within Sydney that is located just 24 kilometres from the west of Randwick and is on the very banks of Parramatta. Opened since 1885, multiple historical moments have had their moment here, especially as the main calendar event of the horse racing season is the Golden Slipper Stakes. The track is 2048 metres in length and has a home straight of 408 metres. Some of the most exhilarating races take place here, and many spectators try to make their way into the audience during the peak seasons of the racing calendar.

Rosehill is yet another horse race that provides race winners with a very healthy prize fund of $3.5 million. Multiple superstars have been unearthed here and recognised for the potential they have when it comes to making records for themselves. Additionally, another 8 group 1 races take place here too, each and every year, including the top three George Ryder Stakes, Golden Rose Stakes and the Tancred Stakes. Meaning, you have a great chance of catching a race here, should you attend at the right times of the season

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