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  • Written by Anna Melnikova

With the development of the Internet is actively changing our daily life. The web has become more than just a tool. A reliable friend, partner, a storehouse of knowledge, information, time for leisure, work and much more.

Have you noticed that we communicate on the Internet much more often than in real life, share our impressions, problems, seek support, advice?

Previously, people often stayed with each other face to face, discussed a variety of topics in a relaxed atmosphere, shared the most intimate. Today all this has migrated to the vastness of the international network, and whether it is good or not, everyone decides for himself.

Psychologists are sounding the alarm, since such a conquest of our life by the Internet negatively affects feelings and emotions, desires and naturalness.

If you want to be as anonymous as possible, then you should use a proxy, you can see it on the website - So you will be absolutely calm!

In any case, the Internet is a great place where everyone can prove themselves in different situations. The main and key factor in its popularity is anonymity.

No, the anonymity of data, as has already been proven, suffers very seriously, but on the other hand, no one will know who you really are if you share your sore problems or sensitive topic on some forum or social network.

You can get an answer or advice, while maintaining your shyness, or you can become a psychology guru yourself, helping others, hiding your own problems in life.

But often people share their sincere experiences, trying to find support and understanding among thousands of the same Internet users, very often they find it, which cannot be said about real life.

This is a definite plus of the Internet, however, sincere people, due to the use of the web, are becoming less and less, and, as a rule, there are more unnecessary impractical advice.

If you run into a problem and want to share it on the internet, think about it first, is it worth it?

After all, you may be told not very useful things. Dig into yourself, try to eliminate the cause of the problem yourself, contact your loved ones, friends who may become even closer.

The Internet has become:

  • * meeting place,

  • * a place of frank conversations,

  • * a place where you can find what your heart desires,

  • * this is a trend,

  • * these are the realities of our life.

But will it replace live communication, unforgettable impressions after talking with loved ones, tender feelings and sweet confessions?

Of course not. We create our own reality.

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