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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 9 May 2024 - Generali Hong Kong teamed up with Kowloon Tong School (Secondary Section), a Project WeCan network school, to bring 60 student volunteers together for a meaningful afternoon of service and learning. These dedicated individuals served over 50 beneficiary families at OneSky, an NGO partner of Generali and The Human Safety Net Hong Kong. The initiative is part of Generali's The Human Safety Net program, which aims to create the movement of "people helping people" for the most vulnerable communities.

Generali Hong Kong spent a meaningful afternoon with 60 dedicated volunteers from Kowloon Tong School (Secondary Section), a Project WeCan network school, and over 50 beneficiary families at OneSky Hong Kong, NGO partner of Generali and The Human Safety Net Hong Kong.

The activity provided these secondary school students, who have previously benefited from Project WeCan, with an invaluable chance to contribute to society. They participated in volunteer activities designed to support disadvantaged children and caregivers at OneSky, creating a heartwarming full-circle moment of giving and receiving help within the community.

Ms. Cecilia Chang, Chief Executive Officer of Generali Hong Kong, said, "As a Responsible Citizen, Generali Hong Kong continues to seek ways to make a meaningful impact and encourages other organizations to join in such efforts to strengthen the community. A key part of our commitment is our proactive engagement in The Human Safety Net. With its mission to unlock the potential of people living in vulnerable circumstances, The Human Safety Net is dedicated to transforming the lives of families and communities. In Hong Kong, our focus is particularly on vulnerable families with children aged 0-6, aiming to provide them with the tools and opportunities to build a brighter future. We encourage other organizations to join us in this meaningful endeavor, as we work together to empower those in need and strengthen the fabric of our society."

Students and Generali volunteers jointly organized workshops for the children, which featured activities such as making desserts for their caregivers and crafting upcycled DIY lamps. The day also included a touching visit to a beneficiary family's sub-divided flat to offer hands-on care and support.

Generali Hong Kong's collaboration with Project WeCan and OneSky underscores the power of collective efforts in making a positive impact on society. By connecting students who have once been recipients of assistance with opportunities to serve others, the event demonstrated the far-reaching benefits of nurturing a cycle of generosity and support. Our ongoing relationship with OneSky, which began in 2020, has featured annual fundraising through our Global Challenge in June and active participation in volunteering at their events. OneSky's initiatives, especially their responsive care approach to nurture the development of children aged 0-6 at their Family Centre, focus on providing tailored educational and developmental programs that foster an early foundation for lifelong learning and well-being.

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