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SINGAPORE - Media OutReach Newswire - 9 May 2024 - UXLINK, the leading social infrastructure platform, and Binance Web3 Wallet, the top-tier cryptocurrency wallet, are thrilled to announce their collaborative marketing campaign aimed at accelerating growth within Web3. This initiative rewards participants with 20,000,000 UXUY points, through the innovative UXLINK Social Protocol.

In today's rapidly evolving Web3 landscape, fostering social interactions and community engagement has become increasingly important. UXLINK's innovative Social Protocol, combined with Binance Web3 Wallet's seamless access to DeFi services, presents a unique opportunity to foster widespread adoption and user participation.

Binance Web3 Wallet, well-known for its dedication to offering users a secure and user-friendly access point to the Web3 realm, provides a range of features. These include smooth fund transfers across various trading platforms and wallets, efficient cross-chain token exchanges with competitive rates, and an extensive set of financial management tools.

UXLINK, the largest social infrastructure platform for Web3, boasts a user base exceeding 5 million registrants. With approximately 800,000 daily active users on the DAPP and 180,000 daily active users participating on-chain, UXLINK facilitates trust and social interaction among acquaintances with over 90,000 web3-powered groups.

The collaborative campaign between UXLINK and Binance Web3 Wallet marks a significant milestone in the evolution of Web3. By bridging social infrastructure with decentralized finance, this campaign not only advances adoption but also shapes the future of digital interactions and financial transactions.

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