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Marijuana has long been seen by law enforcement and the citizenry as just another ugly feature of the world of narcotics. It was known as a ‘gateway’ drug that spirited aspiring junkies off toward a life of criminal delinquency.

Opinions have been changing however with the advent of medical marijuana. Growing numbers of people are now trying to find a medical cannabis doctor in Australia to help them with an equally growing list of complaints. But what are these complaints? What is it that medical cannabis can do to help people?

1. Helping Those with Chronic Pain

First of all, medical cannabis is primarily identified as a way to help the many patients of all stripes who are enduring chronic pain. Their pain could be brought on by a huge array of potential problems, including arthritis, cancer, broken bones or previous injuries, and other sources.

For some, it has long been a choice between harsh and potentially addictive opiate-based painkillers, or insufficiently mild covering up of pain while they try to get on with life. Medical cannabis helps provide a powerful, but much less addictive and destructive method of pain management.

2. To Help Manage Anxiety and Depression

The pandemic years have left a growing number of people dealing with anxiety and depression. These are conditions that are hard to treat, once again either relying on slow-moving therapy or harsh medications. In some cases, endocannabinoid compounds that you find in medical cannabis, have been shown to be great for stabilising people’s moods.

What’s more, cannabis doses for this type of use can be quite light in order to garner the desired effect. That gives many medical practitioners a better option than just turning to antidepressants or recommending long, grinding therapy sessions.

3. To Manage Sleeping Disorders

As people are losing sleep, they are literally losing their mind. Sleep loss leads to myriad other health problems, including some we’ve mentioned in this article, and especially anxiety and depression. Medical cannabis used in small quantities can provide levels of relaxation and calm to allow people to slip into a deeper and more satisfying sleep.

Sometimes it’s not a specific sleeping disorder that’s the problem, but other disorders that cause one’s sleep pattern to become erratic. A good example of this is Parkinson’s disease. The constant tremors, pain and nerve problems experienced by Parkinson’s sufferers is like a constant noise keeping them awake. Medical cannabis has been seen to help reduce both tremors and pain, allowing Parkinson’s sufferers to enjoy some relief and a better night’s sleep.

4. To Slow Alzheimer’s Disease

Perhaps one of the most amazing claims of medical cannabis is its ability to apparently “slow” the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia. It should be pointed out, however, that there is currently no recognised scientific evidence that medical cannabis is effective either in treating or preventing Alhemimer’s. There has been some very limited research that showed it could relieve acute symptoms such as patient agitation or aggression, but the effects were not universal.

5. A Treatment for Glaucoma

Elderly people suffering from glaucoma tend to experience terrible pain as the disease continues to pile pressure onto the eyeball. Medical cannabis has been shown to help reduce that pressure and thus alleviate the pain. It’s only temporary relief, and it’s not a cure for glaucoma, but it’s a way at least for sufferers to bear their pain while they get longer-term help and treatment for their problem.

6. A Way to Help Those with PTSD

Finally, those who have suffered serious trauma in their lives can find some relief with medical cannabis, too. Cannabis can help them find relaxation, and quiet their minds which are otherwise disturbed and rocked by returning images and flashes of past trauma.

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