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As expected, President Trump is still in office and also as expected, Nancy Pelosi is not a very happy person.

Like the Coyote in the Roadrunner VS The Coyote cartoons, she fell off metaphorical cliffs and the TNT that she planted to kill off Donald Trump's Presidency blew up in her face. It was the same outcome for her "Acme" brand of key witnesses. Their testimony or rather their, in the media allegations, could not be supported during the impeachment trial that concluded in this week. President Trump's legal team was able to rebut the allegations of corrupt conduct with both transcript and eye witness evidence.

Nancy's long term plan to smear President Trump with a plethora of allegations that included Russia colluding with the Trump team and Ukraine being used as an avenue of inquiry into both former Vice President Biden and his son, Hunter Biden ended, badly for her.

During President Trump's State of the Union address, Pelosi put on a petulant and disrespectful performance when she ripped up her copy of the President's speech. Her child like behavior brought almost universal condemnation upon her. Again, the metaphorical TNT blew up in her face.

If the Democrats are to have any chance of defeating Donald Trump come November, Nancy will have to be replaced. With a string of embarrassing failures behind her, she is the epitome of defeat. Trump represents success and triumph while Pelosi's image will forever represent collapse and decline.

Voting intentions are not solely influenced by the character or the ability of the candidates that a political party offers for election: the team behind them comes into consideration as well. With the Democrats, led by Pelosi in The House, supporting socialist agendas, in the modern day home of democracy, they are not an attractive option for aspirational Americans who have seen how President Trump has made America great again.

America is greater in 2020 than it was when former President Obama left office:

Illegal immigration is coming under control.

The economy is in great shape and more people are earning an income.

Trump has brought many service men and women home from wars in far off places.

The USA dropped Eco laws that prevented exploitation of vast amounts of oil reserves.

The military has been boosted in terms of morale and equipment.

Issues relating to health funding are being addressed.

International trade terms and conditions are now more favorable to America.

For President Trump, the way is clear for a win in the upcoming election.

Self interest is always a key consideration when people contemplate who they want as their leader in local, state and national elections. It is about jobs, health care, education, national security, law and order and fairness. 

Voters will ask themselves, "Who offers the best policies on border protection, health and national security and who is most likely to honor promises". Trump has shown that he indeed does what he says he will do and will carry with him the benefit of incumbency.

Pelosi will be the head cheerleader for whichever candidate ( from a not very attractive field ) is chosen to face Trump and that may not be a good thing for the Democrats.

Around the World, history has shown that candidates for political office are often given the right to stand because of earlier service, when common sense before the ballot indicated that they could not win. Similarly, after defeat, political parties drop unpopular policies.

If the Democrats want Trump out of office, they will need new policies and new ( better ) candidates. We are talking about you Nancy and Bernie!

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