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Why is that every time you go for woodfired pizza in Black Rock, it tastes so much better than any other type of pizza you can get. There’s a lot of high talk about woodfired pizza, and it’s not just talk. Woodfired pizza really is a lot better, but why? What makes it the best way to enjoy this classic dish?

What Does Woodfired Mean?

First of all, let’s be totally clear on what we mean when we talk about woodfired pizza. In simple terms, it just means that a pizza has been prepared in a traditional woodfired oven, which is typically made of brick or clay. Some modern models might also use concrete. As long as it’s a heat-conductive material, it works.

Wood is burned in the oven, causing the temperature to rocket up to way over 400 degrees. In those conditions, a fresh pizza is cooked to perfection in a matter of minutes. It’s these factors about how the oven itself works, along with some other things, that make woodfired pizza arguably the tastiest and best way to enjoy pizza.

Why is Woodfired Pizza Better?

1. Cooks More Evenly

One of the most advantageous features of the woodfired oven is that it distributes the heat completely evenly throughout. Equal heat distribution means every part of the pizza heats in the same way, which means a delightful and equal cook in every part. If your heart has ever sunk at the sight of a pizza with burnt patches, you should know that a poor-quality oven that can’t distribute heat evenly is the biggest cause of that.

2. It Cooks Faster

As we mentioned earlier, the tremendous temperature and well-distributed heat mean that the pizza cooks not just evenly, but faster. In some cases, a pizza can be ready in just 3 minutes or so, and potentially just 5 minutes for a larger pie. That makes woodfired pizza an ideal product for the restaurant environment where hungry customers are eagerly awaiting their pizza.

3. Saves on Electricity and Gas

If you’re hoping that your local pizzeria is working to cut down its energy consumption, then you should be favouring those who make use of woodfired ovens. Because they work with wood burners, they don’t require additional electricity or gas to operate, which makes it one of the most energy-efficient ways to cook pizza or anything.

4. Woodfired Ovens Are Versatile

Sure, it’s an energy-efficient cooking method, but that doesn’t make a lot of difference if all you’re preparing in there is pizza. Did you think pizza was the only thing that could be cooked in these things? Think again! Woodfired ovens are incredibly versatile, and able to offer a culinary heating vessel for the preparation of many different food types. First of all, if a woodfired oven can make perfect dough-based pizzas, why can’t it also be used for delicious fresh bread? Oh, that’s right, it can! On top of that, you can prepare delicious fresh seafood dishes, ribs, fresh steak and much more. For a pizzeria offering a wider selection of Italian or other dishes, the woodfired oven can act as the centrepiece for the entire menu or at least a huge chunk of it.

5. Ingredients Retain Freshness

Finally, and yet perhaps most importantly, a woodfired oven helps preserve the freshness and goodness in your ingredients by not drying them out with a long cook time. That short cooking time means that cheese melts and toppings cook, but everything retains its flavour without drying out. Longer, slower cook times can have a negative impact on those same ingredients.

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