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With emerging technology, experts from the eyewear industry have frequented massive overhauling of the eyeglasses supply chain, which saw drastic revolution following the advent of new startups like Vision Direct. Experts also hint that such startups hold immense potential to force away monopolies from the eyewear industry.

Traditional computer glasses tanked due to blue light blocking glasses

The long-established trend of usual computer glasses has been put on hold, thanks to the arrival of more tech-driven quality glasses with blue light blocking features. What is more surprising here is the market share captured by blue light blockers. 

While blue light has got some bad reputation among the netizens, parents, and general eyeglass wearers, customers on the other hand are frequently choosing blue light blocking glasses. Hence, the percentage of market share captured by these glasses is extremely high.

This is also a debatable issue that to what extent blue lights are affecting your eyes. 

Scientists and experts from this field say, there is still a considerable amount of research to be done to find the exact figure of damage from blue lights.

But at this moment, it is assumed that blue light blocking glasses will leave a lasting impression and will continue to undermine other traditional glasses.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses – Who should wear them?

  1. IT Professionals and Software Engineers
  2. Hardcore Gamers and Online Players
  3. Graphics Designers and Content Developers/Writers
  4. Video and Movie Editors
  5. People who are heavily exposed to Television, iPads, LED lighting environment, etc.

Effects of blue lights:

The effect of blue lights has largely been kept muted but experts from the related field have repeatedly managed to elaborate the dark side of blue lights. Harvard Medical School in their health publishing has pointed that blue light has the ability to reduce the secretion of the sleep-inducing hormone, known as melatonin

However, this is not the only concern. They have pointed out some irreversible effects that blue light can exhibit to its victims. 

  1. Blue lights can cause insomnia as it curbs down Melatonin hormone, a chemical compound that helps to make you sleep.
  2. Blue lights can also induce fatigue, stress, and subsequent depression.
  3. Blue lights carry a bad reputation of causing severe eye-strain from digital screens of computers and laptops.
  4. Exposure to relentless emission of blue lights can also lead to mood swings and inactiveness.

Remedy against blue lights:

With cutting-edge technology and design implementation, Vision Direct launched its own version of blue light blocking glasses that has received global acclaim from its users and eye experts. 

Blue light blocking glasses have become a game-changer and overnight sensation in the market while giving tough competition to big brands and mediocre computer glasses.

The inherent benefits from these zFORTTM eyeglasses are very pulsating that ranges from reducing headaches, glares, and digital eye-strain to improved sleep.

Top 3 blue light blocking glasses that are ousting traditional computer glasses

  1. Arise Collective Clinton 012: Featuring the advanced zFORTTM technology, the women-centric square-framed Clinton models are made with flexible and lightweight acetate frames with anti-glare and scratch-resisting properties.
  2. Stoggles Charcoal: This model is built with a round polycarbonate full-rimmed frame. Priced below $60, Stoggles is finding it very easy to impress both men and women in Australia and nearby Pacific countries.

SmartBuy Collection Potocraks AC18A: Potocraks collection is one of the most upbeat models from the promising eyewear retailer, Vision Direct. Affordable pricing with robust plastic-molded frames made it one of the most best-selling blue light blockers in the market.

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