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Businesses that identify customers, clients, employees, etc., can save significant amounts of time per transaction with electronic ID scanners. An electronic document reader also provides higher levels of data security and accuracy.

For banks, financial institutions, and other companies that handle people’s money, the cost of a misidentification or other inaccuracies can be massive. This is especially true for governmental applications, where a mistaken identity linked to the wrong people could have dire consequences. And these errors are difficult to correct.

So choosing the right scanner for your application is a must. Here’s what to look for in your scanner:

1. It uses infrared (IR), ultraviolet (UV), and visible light to assist in sensing information embedded in images and electronic coding.
2. It provides filtering to remove reflections and other image imperfections.
3. It has a screen to monitor what the scanner is reading. The monitor should show all images and electronically coded text.
4. It can identify fakes and forgeries.
5. It eliminates the manual entering of any information into the records.
6. It’s flexible regarding the codes it can read. Data from RFID chips, barcodes, and other embedded information should be displayed visually and be stored in a format for electronic and traditional reading.
7. It’s capable of connecting with other software and hardware to make the scanned data available for input to other systems.

Adaptive Recognition offers the Osmond line of scanners that have all these and more capabilities.

In this article, we’ll examine a few interesting applications of electronic scanning technology.

International Border Crossings

The increased documentation process - especially after the outbreak of COVID-19 - has complicated check-ins at immigration counters. As international travel is returning to pre-pandemic numbers, these complications add to the need for fast, accurate ID scanners.

The imminent EES (European Entry/Exit System) will soon add another layer of complexity to immigration facilities. Thus, ID scanners will be even more useful.

Duty-Free Shops, Liquor, and Tobacco Stores

Documentation required to prove eligibility for duty-free purchases and age limits for tobacco and liquor products makes accurate electronic document readers a valuable tool for such shop owners.

ID scanners are also useful for bars, nightclubs, and restaurants that serve alcoholic beverages.

Banks and Financial Institutions

Suppose you deposit money into your bank account. Of course, you expect the money you deposited to be there, and you may write checks against it without checking your account. If the deposit was misidentified and went into someone else’s account, the repercussions could be at least unpleasant but, more often than not, disastrous.

A good ID scanner prevents this by using serial checks on the identity of each customer doing business at the bank.

Some Singaporean banks have taken their automation further and added video capability alongside document readers. Their ATMs are now VTMs or Video Teller Machines.

Hospitals, Doctors’ Offices, and Other Medical Institutions

At any medical facility, ID accuracy is vital. Stories abound about patients given treatments intended for someone else, sometimes with disastrous results. Few things in medicine are more crucial than the correct identification of patients.

The answer is a good ID scanner to read patients’ identification documents.


In an ever more complex world, quick and accurate reading of ID documents is more important every day.

Adaptive Recognition has been offering increasingly capable and adaptable ID scanners and other document readers for many years. And they continue developing and further improving their products to deliver even better results. If you want to learn more about Adaptive Recognition and their latest achievement in the ID scanner and passport reader industry, Osmond, check out their products here or contact them from any page to discuss your scanning need.

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