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Would you like to fuel your business?

If yes, you need to build a brand for your company that captivates. For that, you need to learn the norms of branding. So, let’s begin;


What Is Branding And How It Transcends Beyond A Logo

Branding is not merely an identifiable name and logo that distinguishes you in a crowded market. It is essentially your reputation and how you will be perceived as a business. Branding involves distinctive design (involving logo, website and packaging) and marketing to differentiate a business from the competitors, showing what makes you a better choice.

Four main parts of building a brand are:

  • * Researching your target audience and competitors.
  • * Selecting focus and business personality.
  • * Selecting an appearance and feel of your brand with colours and fonts.
  • * Developing a slogan and logo.


Importance Of A Positive Brand Image For Your Business

Not having a brand identity or not building a brand image is one of the biggest mistakes a business can make.

  • Any company, irrespective of its size, needs a brand because it is basically an identity that develops your company's voice, personality, and face.
  • Brand identity helps build a strong brand image which is a powerful tool for gaining customers trust and loyalty.
  • When a business has created a positive brand image, it enjoys influence over its target audience's buying habits.

So, now you know how vital branding is for your business, but the real question is 'how to build your brand.’ Well, how about we share some of the top and up and coming branding trends?


Branding Trends For Businesses

Well, we can make a list of popular branding trends, but here are the top 3 that we believe will be making headlines in 2021:

Reflect Your Stance Through Branding

Today, branding is incomplete without being vocal about major issues around the world. Your brand should reflect your clear stance at least over one important issue be it societal, economic or environmental. Younger markets like Gen Z and Millenials are especially drawn to it.

For instance, the design of your brand should show your activism on an issue of rapidly growing environmental pollution either by using images, patterns or eco-friendly packaging.

Paint Your Brand A Face

Giving an illustrated depiction of the faces of real or imaginary people will not only give your brand an artistic look but also help communicate the kind of brand you have. This is called the humanization of the brand, and you will be seeing this trend in 2021 and beyond, from food brands to clothing to freelancing websites.

Use Expressionist Colors

Branding is evolving, and non-naturalistic and unconventional colour schemes with ample variation and intensity are in the spotlight. Instead of going with a simple and consistent colour scheme for the entire product range, brands are now using different colours for different products to give identity to each product.


Concluding Words

Put briefly; branding is the need of today if you want to excel in today’s crowded markets. For powerful branding, you can consult a marketing agency such as a Sydney branding agency and build a brand as you have always wanted.

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