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If you have already made up your mind to choose a car transport company to have your vehicle delivered to a different location, even if it is to an interstate address, there are a few things you should do first before sending your vehicle away.

The matter of car transport risk management is a serious thing to consider, especially when you’re transporting your heavy vehicles or luxury vehicles that usually cost too much to fix or repair in case of any damages ensued. To make sure that your vehicle is properly delivered without any operational and aesthetic damage, you should learn about the below-mentioned guidelines and tips to have a pleasant experience of your car and vehicle transport.

Organising Your Vehicle for Car Transport

Although you have found a reliable company that offers a good deal and seems reputable enough to deliver your vehicle without any hassles, follow the measures mentioned below to ensure you get no surprises at the last moment of delivery.

Pre-Shipment Measures

  • Wash your car properly because it helps with discerning any scratches, chips, dents and other types of damage.
  • Make a list of all the types of existing damages to your car which must also include any evidence of scratches, peeled paint, dents and so on.
  • Take pictures of your car from every angle on each side and also take close-up pictures of the damaged parts and areas of your vehicle.
  • Make sure your pictures have a date and time stamp on either the photograph or in their file properties.
  • Oversee that the transporter also makes note of each of those damages on your car.

Vehicle Operations

  • Get your vehicle checked for any maintenance before handing over your car keys for transport.
  • Check the inflation of your vehicle’s tyres and the charge of your car’s batteries. Top up the batteries to a full charge if the capacity is low or depleted.
  • Remove or use the fuel in your car until it has about a quarter of the same in your fuel tank.
  • Address any vehicle leaks or make the car transport professional aware of any unsorted leaks.
  • If your car requires special guidelines to start or turn off or if it needs particular methods to perform it’s so and so functions, mention it to the transport driver. This can be anything that involves the use of special instructions that are tied to handling the car such as mechanical problems, etc.

Digital Tags & Car Passes

Remove any of the attached car pass, toll tags and similar items from your vehicle’s outside and insides. Doing so will help make car transport easier for both parties. You can also deactivate them but removing them altogether will prevent them from getting stolen in the case of a difficult situation.

On and Off Loading

Before a car transport driver arrives, maintaining these conditions prior to their car pickup will help them easily load your vehicle into their carriers and it will also help them offload it easily.

  • Cover the top of your convertible vehicle and make sure that it is shut properly and not loose so that there may not happen to be any damages from moisture, debris and air.
  • Do not use a plastic cover or a tarp cover to enclose your vehicle during transport as they can rub against your vehicle to cause damage to the paint.
  • Make sure that you fold the side mirrors, retract the antennae and also dismantle any fog lights and other similar parts that were an addition to your vehicle’s stock condition.
  • Disable your car alarm or provide the transport driver with clear instructions to disarm your vehicle alarm in the cases when it may get set off.

Goods Arrangement

People often don’t choose to transport any goods along with their cars but should you do so, ensure that your goods are packed in strong suitcases, sealed boxes or closed travel bags.

Either only load goods in the boot of your car or do not let it exceed the base of your car’s window when you’ve kept the goods in the passenger seats. There’s also a load limit of 80kg so do not load any extra weight in your car over the limit.

Final Words

To learn more about the safety precautions that you can take to have your vehicle delivered safely through a car transport service provider, contact their representative to further learn about their specific policies and particular norms. Do not fail to clear all your doubts before handing over your car for car transportation.

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