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The Great Aussie Road Trip - Camping Essentials with Mayo Hardware

  • Written by Niche Marketing Group

Make the most of the Easter holidays and embark on a road trip to remember. Set up camp under the stars, pack your togs and an empty esky, and enjoy the break with friends and family knowing that you’re giving back to local regional communities who need visitors.

Depending on how near or far you’re willing to travel, there’s a couple of camping essentials that are worth packing. Here’s some top tips and must-have items that will make outdoor novices into champion campers.

Providing the ultimate end of day comfort for busy travellers or hikers, kick back and enjoy the serenity of your surrounds on a Two Trees Quilted Double Rod Hammock (RRP $99), which can be hung independently, or with the Two Trees Universal Hammock Frame (RRP $129). The quilted material is lightweight, strong, super compact and dries quickly, perfect for those on the go.

Keep protected from pesky mozzies while enjoying the great outdoors with the Gecko Portable Lantern Zapper (RRP $59.95). Providing an insect control solution that also functions as a lantern, it’s ideal to take camping, fishing or on any number of outdoor activities.
Portable, use as a zapper or lantern
Replaceable lithium battery, can be recharged around 2,000 times
Charges in approx. 2 hours (with USB), provides up to 20 hours of run time
Meets Australian and New Zealand Electrical Safety Standards

A must during your outback trip is a local’s night. Buying local produce will let you discover the many hidden treasures so many of our smaller communities have to offer. With the portable Char-Griller Akorn Junior Kamado (RRP $249) or the Char-Griller Table Top Grill (RRP $129) it’s easy to whip up a feast to be shared between family and friends, old and new.
Portable design
Equipped with side carry handles and table top legs
Heavy steel construction, built to last
Adjustable dampers, easy control of heat and smoke
Easy dump ash pan, convenient, non-messy removal of ash

For those planning on doing longer trips with a camping trailer or camper van investing in a portable generator such as the DeWALT Inverter Generator (RRP $1360), is super handy for fridges and charging electronic devices. *Available from Total Tools and Mitre 10 stores nationally.

Whilst there’s many breathtaking properties to stay in regional Australia, the experience of the great outdoors at night is unsurpassed. Whether you have a camper or a tent, a tarp is a camping must-have. Perfect for use on the ground, as a make-shift awning or for extra protection, the Polytuf Camo Tarp (RRP $12.98) and the Polytuf Mesh Tarp (RRP $24.98) are UV resistant, durable and long-lasting with reinforcement along the edges and rust resistant metal eyelets.

Investing in quality locking and safe accessories is crucial if you are travelling with valuables.
The Master Lock Python Adjustable Locking Cable (RRP $57.22) features a durable, adjustable design that holds the cable tight at any position, ideal for locking up equipment. The Master Lock Excell 45mm Covered Padlock (RRP $29.90) is a high security padlock that has weather resistant brass and zinc cover for maximum cut, pick and weather resistance.

All products are available at selected Bunnings stores and hardware stores nationally.  For further information visit

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