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The present-day business world is undergoing a comprehensive digital transformation and by the look of it, no industries will be left untouched. Keeping that in mind, the tools of the trade that were always able to make or break the future of some company will inevitably have to be found in the digital backyard.

Enter Amazon Web Services, a monstrous cloud platform consisting of as many as 175 different services aiming to become the only third-party platform an average company is ever going to have to use. The proposition definitely sounds tempting at the moment AWS counts well over 1,000,000 users.

It is worth pointing out though that only a fraction of these users are utilizing official AWS certification which means they are either underutilizing the platform or relying on third-party managed services. This sounds like a very good reason to try to learn more about this form of training and its benefits.

What is AWS certification?

So, let us first start by breaking down this term. As you can probably guess, AWS certification is a piece of the internationally recognized document provided by Amazon that confirms you have completed the comprehensive training in Amazon Web Services and now possess a satisfying level of proficiency.

Keeping in mind we are talking about a very complex system that lists 175 services, AWS offers four different levels of certification:

  • Practitioner – The foundation level granting the basic understanding of the platform

  • Associate – A higher level of expertise that requires advanced problem-solving skills

  • Professional – Implies comprehensive understanding of running, troubleshooting, and optimizing the AWS environment

  • Specialty – The highest level of expertise in one specific AWS domain like data analytics, Alexa skill-building, or machine learning

Although it is possible to tackle all these certifications independently it is highly recommended that novice candidates go through all these steps to get the optimal understanding of the platform.

The benefits of acquiring the AWS certification

Obviously, all these certification levels pack numerous benefits.

International recognition

First, AWS proficiency provides excellent employment opportunities. As we mentioned earlier, these credentials are internationally recognized so even if you, for instance, get AWS certification in Australia, you will be able to find employment in all parts of the globe. Keeping in mind the cloud-based nature of this platform, you will be able to leverage these perks without ever having to leave your country.

Exponential market growth

Keeping in mind the popularity of the platform and a constantly expanding user pool, that shouldn't be such a tall order. At this very moment, Amazon controls as much as 33% of the cloud infrastructure market which is nothing short of impressive. What’s even more enticing is the fact that the platform is achieving a stable 43% year-on-year growth which grants a constant influx of new prospective clients.

Access to high salaries

In this day and age, AWS certification is still considered a commodity meaning the professionals in the sector have access to very lucrative salaries. According to a recent article published by Forbes, the AWS certification can, on average, raise your salary by alluring $12,000 per year. Speaking in terms of exact numbers, the average salary of an AWS professional in the North American region sits at approximately $129,868.

An AWS certification demonstrates a commitment

Earning any sort of formal certifications suggests a lot of hard work and commitment. Choosing AWS instead of some other popular platform also paints you as a savvy and thoughtful professional with good knowledge of the market. So, while you are ramping up your tech credentials you are also filling your CV with a couple of soft skills that are very appreciated in the present-day labor market.

An opportunity for ambitious entrepreneurs

Last but not least, let’s take a look at this issue from the point of view of the business owners. Investing enough time and resources into building up your in-house AWS department makes your company self-sufficient and builds scalability right to its very core. You are also getting an opportunity to set up an additional income flow by acting as a third-party service provider and outsourcing your staff to other organizations.

AWS certification: A step in the good direction

When all things are said and done, we can only summarize that in this increasingly digital world getting an AWS certification definitely represents a highly recommended move. And as the Bezos Empire continues to expand, the platform will gradually evolve from novelty to benchmark and who knows maybe even a job requirement.

Joining the AWS club while the market is still not red hot will give you access to good salaries and the opportunity to become a disruptive force in the IT world. Not a bad position to spend the year 2022 in.

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