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Finding new slot games like Slots O Gold and try online can be tough, the amount of choice is staggering but this only makes it more difficult trying to find that one slot which will suit you as a player. 

What are you looking for 

When deciding which slot games to try, it is wise to determine what exactly you are looking for in a slot game. As there is so much choice out there, online slot games cover a lot of areas.

If you are a high roller player, you are going to be looking for different types of games than a more casual slot gamer. As long as you can correctly determine your priorities and preferences with slots then making a decision will not be too difficult. Sometimes, trying new slots is something which players try to avoid.

Tried and tested slots which players are familiar with will be more likely to payout then a brand new slot which has features a player doesn’t yet know. While this is certainly true, trying out new slots is an important thing to do.

Plus players can always use the demo versions of new slots to ensure that they don’t lose any money while getting used to it. Demo slots offer the exact same experience as regular slots with the only difference being that they aren’t played for any real currency. 


This slot was developed by ELK Studios and features five reels and a massive two hundred and forty three different ways to win. As the name suggests, this slot is all about Hollywood and it features all the glitz and glamour of the finest red carpet event.

Players will enjoy spending time with the rich and famous as the slot is wonderful to look at and certainly captures the lavishness of the Hollywood lifestyle, the soundtrack in particular does a great job of immersing the player in this world.

It’s not all about the award ceremonies though as players will also love the bonus features which Bloopers has, expect to encounter free spins features as well as wilds, stickys, falling symbols and symbol shuffles! 


Take a trip back to the new wave of British heavy metal with this slot coming from developer NetEnt as part of their Rock series of slots. This slot is a must play, not just for fans of the band but for fans of rock and roll everywhere. Expect to see classic iconography that even the most lackadaisical music fan will recognise.

With a career spanning over forty years, there is no denying the influence that Motorhead had on the music scene and while this slot doesn’t reach those same heights it still has a lot to offer players. There are free bonus features including free spins and a bomber feature which can lead to mystery symbols.

The symbols are all adorned with images that should be recognisable to any fan of the band, including symbols with the face of frontman Lemmy. Don’t forget to turn your speakers all the way up when you play this slot as Motorhead features the band's classic songs as its soundtrack, including the ever popular hit ace of spades.

There’s even a rock mode which turns the music up even louder every time you spin the reels! 


Trying new slots is something which may be scary but can ultimately yield the player great rewards. The above slots are some of the best that players can try.

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