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Several factors that affect the beauty of your teeth can be solved by various dental procedures. Such dental treatments can fix your teeth problems and allow you to smile with passion. However, composite bonding is one of the most preferred methods among them. It is also called dental bonding. Prosmile is a popular name in Melbourne for its exceptional dental services that can treat major teeth issues and help you restore a dazzling smile.

What Is Composite Bonding?

Composite bonding is a kind of cosmetic dentistry that addresses general dental problems, whereas cosmetic dentistry, on the other hand only deals with aesthetics. It includes simple procedures compared to other dental procedures, which can give you a complete teeth transformation at the most affordable price.

A Peek at the Process

Here you are, the complete process of composite bonding you should know before you choose it for your teeth correction.

First of all, you should visit a dental clinic for an examination of the tooth before you get bonding. Your dentist will make an observation of your mouth and affected teeth and arranges the bonding based on your teeth condition. Hence, it is inevitable to consult the dentist before the treatment.

Choosing the color of the composite is also crucial as it must match your actual teeth color. It is over to your dentist. The process includes using the shade guide to match the composite color with the remaining teeth.

Your dentist scraps the damaged tooth after the color selection. The surface of your affected teeth is trimmed to adjust it. It is very easy to do bonding with the rough surface. Once the tooth roughing process completes, the conditioning liquid is coated on the roughen tooth. The conditioning liquid helps the bonding materials to get a grip on the tooth.

When the impacted tooth is all set to perform, the resin is applied to the mold by your dentist. The composite tooth is molded to its actual shape before it dries. Moreover, the dentist also uses an ultraviolet laser to harden the composite tooth. The continuous polish of the tooth is needed to match with the rest of the teeth.

The life span of your tooth bonding depends on how you maintain it. After the bonding, if you find the weakness in your teeth, don’t waste your time go to the dentist to prevent any further damage to your teeth.

Benefits for Your Dental Health

Eliminate Stains

Teeth whitening procedure can’t remove stubborn stains from your teeth from the root. The most challenging task is to eliminate those stains, which grow below the surface of your teeth. The composite bonding can help you get rid of such stains. The composite resin hides discoloration occurs inside your mouth. After applying dental bonding, you can overcome annoying tooth stains.

Many people think that the dental bonding procedure is not safe but they may be misguided. It is not true. It is safer than other dental treatments. There is nothing to fear as it is performed by professional dentists.

Besides, it is done in a single visit. Unfortunately, some people think that the procedure is time-consuming. It h requires one clinic visit to get your teeth problems fixed. Don’t guess it is costly. Anybody can afford dental bonding without dental insurance. Several cheap cosmetic dentistry treatments are available in the market, but they are not as effective as dental bonding. Maybe not appropriate for your oral health. The composite bonding deals with both aesthetic and common dental problems.

Unlike other cosmetic dental treatments, dental bonding does not require anesthesia during the procedure. It is only required in case of decayed teeth as patients suffer pain while removing it. Dental bonding is very useful in filling the spaces between your teeth.

Once the dental bonding is applied to your teeth, you will feel young. It is going to be a transformative process for you. It completely transforms your teeth and smile as well.


Simply put, composite bonding is far better than other cosmetic dental treatments as it is both simple and effective. Once the treatment completes, you are supposed to maintain daily hygiene to keep it safe and sound.

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