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Imagine your damaged and stained front teeth are now healthy and beautiful. It feels great right!  

Now you can turn your imagination into reality with rapidly developing advanced cosmetic dentistry treatment, i.e., porcelain crowns

You can use these dental crowns to fix the poor condition of your tooth structure while improving facial appearance and smile aesthetics.  

Usually, dental expert creates porcelain crowns using tooth-coloured porcelain that gets easily blend with your original tooth colour. As a result, you will get natural-looking teeth.  

If you are thinking about getting porcelain dental crown for your damaged teeth, then first know everything about it. It will help you make an informed decision.  

Here is the simple guide to porcelain crowns which helps you know about its procedure, types, cost, and benefits. Let’s start to find out the magic of porcelain crowns for tooth restoration.  

In What Conditions You Need Porcelain Crowns?

When you observed that your teeth are fractured, broken or decayed, in this condition, porcelain dental crown treatment can be your ultimate saviour.  

Also, if you need cosmetic enhancements, root-filled teeth, large fillings, and fractured fillings, then also you can consider this dental crown.  

All in all, when you have a physically painful tooth, looking at its appearance, then it is high time to see a dentist who is an expert in crowns. They will guide you with different types of porcelain crowns that best suits your current condition.  

Which are the Types of Porcelain Crowns that Dentist Suggest?

1. All-Porcelain Crowns 

If you want long-lasting and wear resistance crown, then all-porcelain crowns are the definite choice that dentist would advise you. However, these crowns are little less durable and flexible compare to other types.  

To maintain it for a longer time, you can use chronic tooth-grinders and jaw clenchers with a night-time mouth guard for avoiding excessive pressure and wear. Additionally, these dental crowns are also suitable for people with metal allergies.  

2. Porcelain-Fused to Metal Crowns (PFMs) 

As compared with regular porcelain, these porcelain-fused metal crowns are reliable and provide a stronger bond. It is very durable and crafted precisely same as your natured coloured adjacent teeth.  

On the other side, as porcelain is a little bit harder than your dental enamel, it causes damage to the opposing teeth compared with all-metal or composite/resin crowns. However, PFMs will look as natural as your other original teeth.  

3. CAD-CAM Technology 

Using CAD-CAM technology which is an innovation in dentistry, the porcelain crown is crafted that matches your tooth form and colour. This technology provides excellent fitting and colour to crown restorations. 

First, the dental professional will scan your tooth on which the need for the placement of the new crown arises. Then the details of it are fed from a computer to a milling machine that crafts the porcelain core of the crown. Overall, you will get the permanent crown suitable for your other natural teeth. 

What is the Procedure of Getting Porcelain Dental Crowns?

Once you get an idea about different porcelain types, now it’s time to know its procedure to get fitted in your mouth. To get porcelain dental crowns, you need to book initially two appointments at the dental clinic. The first appointment includes taking several impressions (mould) of your tooth. These are the impressions used to craft a custom porcelain crown.  

The mould, i.e., temporary crown prepared by the dentist will stay on your tooth for about two weeks before the dental lap accomplishes development of your permanent dental crown. In the next appointment, the dentist will remove deterioration and then fix the custom-made crown. Once fitted, the dentist checks your bite to make sure you are comfortable while eating.  

If you complain about anything, then the modifications will be made by the crown experts. They follow the process with bonding. You can increase the longevity of the dental crowns by maintaining it properly. All of the above, all are the activity included in the application of porcelain dental crowns.  

What is the After Procedure Once Porcelain Crown is Fixed?

After you have fitted porcelain crown in your mouth, you can start eating and drinking as you usually do. Also, you can perform brushing and flossing on your crown the same way you take care of your other natural teeth. Additionally, it can be beneficial if you try using toothpaste for sensitive teeth or apply curcumin found in turmeric on your teeth to prevent gum diseases.  

Keep in mind that it will take some time to get used to the feeling of the porcelain crown in your mouth. Initially, for several days or a week, you may feel uncomfortable and want to visit you, dentist, for the adjustment solution. But it is normal, and you have to be calm knowing that the new crown fits your bite in a few days. 

Is Porcelain Dental Crown Light on Your Pocket?

Now that you have complete knowledge about porcelain crown, it’s types, fitting process, and after the procedure, it is evident that you have a question regarding its cost in your mind. The price of porcelain crowns is depended on a condition of your teeth and your location. For example, in Australia, the charge is quite affordable and partially covered through health insurance.  

The other factors that affect the cost of porcelain dental crowns are the size of the tooth, material, location of your stained tooth, and other damages that you want to repair. Moreover, various dentists can charge more or less depending on the location and experience level. Therefore, if you desire to have porcelain crowns, then consult with your dentist to get a better idea of the cost. 

The Final Words

To improve the functionality and appearance of your teeth, you need to opt for the efficient cosmetic dentistry treatment known as porcelain dental crowns. It will help you hide the stained or damaged teeth while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your smile. This guide will help you know everything about porcelain crowns from its types, the procedure to cost. If you find it helpful, then get in touch with your nearby dental clinic. 

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