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Are you a student who is studying from home? Or maybe you are just someone looking for the best internet plan in 2021. NBN bundles have improved dramatically over the last few years, so there are many options to choose from! This blog post will help guide you through some of the NBN plans that provide both fast and reliable internet service, as well as NBN providers. We'll also discuss NBN Bundles for students living at home or renting an apartment.

Students who are studying from home need the NBN because it provides faster internet and less chance of experiencing a power outage. There are many
NBN bundles available, which means you can get everything you need on one plan without needing to use two or three different providers with separate plans for data, content streaming, etcetera. If you don't have an NBN connection yet and want the best possible price point (not just first-year prices but long term), consider taking out a $0 upfront phone bundle - that way, your student budget is still being let go while also ensuring plenty of entertainment during those hours when there's nothing left to study!

The NBN bundles that are available in Australia have a variety of internet plans to suit the needs and budget of every student. NBN 12 is perfect if you only want basic speed, NBN 25 for moderate speeds with more data allowance than NBN 12, NBN 50 for fast speeds ideal for uploading assignments or streaming videos on YouTube, and NBN 100 which gives great download rates at peak hours. It's important to take note that these prices will not include your phone service charges as well so make sure to research those prices separately before deciding anything. The final decision should be based on whether you need faster uploads (NBN50) or slower but cheaper downloads (NBN12). 

An example would be NBN 12. For a basic internet plan, NBN 12 is perfect with speeds of up to 25 Mbps or less and a data allowance of 50 GB per month. If you need something more robust than NBN 12, then NBN 100 would be the best option for peak hours download rates.

NBN 50 would also be suitable if you want fast uploads but not as expensive downloads (for example uploading assignments). A new student may find this helpful when it comes time to submit their work online. 

Finally, NBN 25 is the middle ground between NBN12 which doesn't give much data allowance at all, and NBN50 that's too expensive for most students' budgets. If your needs are moderate like watching YouTube videos on occasion and downloading files from time to time, NBN 25 would be a great choice.

As NBN continues to be rolled out, it becomes an increasingly important consideration when looking at internet plans. Thankfully we are able to make a few generalizations about NBN bundles for students that can help you narrow down your choice of provider. Both Internode NBN and Telstra BigPond offer NBN 50 (FTTP) as their fastest plan. This means that they have fiber optic connections which gives them higher speeds than other providers with slower copper connections. 

If speed isn't a concern but data caps are crucial, Optus has unlimited downloads on its mobile NBN plans which come with NBN 50 (FTTP). This makes for excellent speeds when downloading large files or streaming video from YouTube.

Aside from Optus unlimited plan, any other provider will charge per gigabyte downloaded in excess of your data cap. For instance, if the internet bundle has 20 GB included but not enough to last until the next billing cycle, then each additional gigabyte would be charged at $0.02/GB ($0.41/MB)

In conclusion, NBN is a new and evolving technology that has the potential to change internet plans for students. NBN bundles make it easier than ever to find an internet plan suitable for your needs, whether you're on traditional fixed-line NBN or using mobile NBN.

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