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For Australian homes, there is a massive increase in the popularity of the evaporative cooling system. Especially in Melbourne and its surroundings because these areas are dry and hot most of the months. The most apparent reason for the growing popularity of evaporative cooling is efficiency. It is the most efficient cooling system for regions with low humidity and hot temperatures.

Let’s have a look at why evaporative cooling is popular:


The working of an evaporative cooling system is no rocket science. In the heart of the evaporative cooling system resides the cooling pad. These cooling pads filter out the hot air and convert it into cold air. A unique water distribution system is engineered to distribute the water all over the evaporative cooler.

The cold air is then transferred to the whole house with the help of ducts. This results in low electricity bills, and the reason why it is so popular.

Why is it Popular?

Evaporative cooling is one of the healthiest ways to cool your home as it is based on the natural air coming from outside. This natural process of cooling the outside air with water and filtering out the pollen does not irritate the eyes or throat. It is not harmful to people prone to allergy as long as it is clean.

Shape and Size:

Evaporative coolers, as compared to air conditioners, are small and compact. They do not require different units to cool your home. Evaporative coolers are measured in cubic feet per minute (cfm). Cubic feet per minute means the air that spreads in the house. Most models are in the range of 3000 to 25,000 cfm.

Easy Installation:

The installation of an evaporative cooler is straightforward. There are two ways to install an evaporative cooler. One is to fit it in the central location, and the other is to connect the cooler to the ductwork. Both are effective and perform equally. Most people install an evaporative cooler on the roof, while the experts suggest installing it horizontally. This way, they can maintain it quickly, and there are fewer chances for roof leaks.

Fresh and Clean Air:

Enjoy excellent and fresh air with an evaporative cooler. An evaporative cooler filters the harmful pollen particles coming from outside. It provides safe, hygienic, and cool air to enter the home. The airflow is constantly changing because of ventilation, causing the new cool air to come into the house. The entire air is replenished this way. This air makes it even healthier for people with asthma and pollen allergies.

Environment Friendly and Effective:

An evaporative cooler is a game of natural air. Compared to an air conditioner, which uses many artificial gases. The only two components used in the evaporative cooler are water and air. These two are combined to produce cool air.

An evaporative cooler is cost-effective, meaning it will cost you at least 50% less than what you get with an air conditioner. It means there is no need for two reverse cycle systems running in different rooms. A simple fan can cool down your home effectively.

Low Maintenance:

With evaporative cooling, enjoy low maintenance. Save yourself a lot of leg work and man-hours by draining and cleaning the cooling pads on the cooler regularly. There is nothing more to add to an evaporative cooler. Evaporative coolers only need a major cleaning once a year because there is not much to clean except draining the reservoir and replacing the cooling pads.

Two-Stage Evaporative Cooler:

These coolers are new and even more efficient as compared to a typical evaporative cooler. They are packed with pre-coolers, effective cooling pads, and efficient motors. If we talk about standard cooler, it adds to humidity in case the air is humid. But in the case of a two-stage evaporative cooler, it controls the moisture. The two-stage cooler is perfect for the area where the temperature remains constant at 100F.

Final Thoughts:

Australia, particularly Melbourne, has seen a massive rise in the popularity of evaporative coolers in the present years. The most enhanced feature which makes people drawn towards it is the price and electricity consumption factor. These two factors alone are the selling point of the evaporative cooler.

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