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The SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) paradigm has undergone a massive shift in the past decade. The simple and easy-to-understand principles have evolved to something that is complicated and time-consuming.

Gone are the days when you just had to do some simple tweaks and you’ll rank high on the search engine’s page. Nowadays, you’ll definitely need the help of an experienced SEO agency in order to achieve online relevance.

Hiring an SEO agency is an investment. Nevertheless, it is a necessary investment that you and your business can’t live without. The dynamic evolution of algorithms and your target audience’s behaviour push for the need for hiring true SEO experts who can help you in your search marketing, online brand perception, driving organic traffic, and maintaining long-time value to customers.

In short, you’ll miss a lot of opportunities if you decide to do it all without an SEO agency’s help.

Australian SEO agency, Red Search presents 5 key reasons why your business should hire an SEO agency.

Save on Valuable Resources

Do we need to say more? Your business’ resources are so essential that you want to keep their usage rate as efficient as possible. Time, tangible and intangible assets, personnel, and of course, your funds are the resources that you couldn’t afford to waste. Do you want to gamble on your personal trial-and-error campaigns using these resources?

Another scenario would be that you’re a company owner or online marketing manager who is knowledgeable with SEO. Your hands are surely pretty much full handling all other areas of the business that you’ll not be able to attend to the demands of your SEO campaigns. 

Do you have time to create those 10-40 pages of SEO audit reports? Do you even have the time to read, interpret, and make the necessary changes based on those reports? Yes, SEO sometimes can be scary and overwhelming at times.

There are a lot more things we could say to support this key reason. The SEO process can be demanding on your resources. In addition, this is an area of online marketing that you should not disregard if you want to be successful in the digital landscape.

Let the SEO Experts Do What They Do Best

An experienced SEO company with a proven track record can provide you with the relief and confidence to face all the challenges and at the same time, help you achieve your goals. Let the SEO experts work on what they do best. With this, you can focus on other areas of your business and do what you do best.

It is also to your advantage that you have someone looking at your online business from another (expert) point of view. SEO agencies look at every situation from a unique, different and holistic perspective. 

Every client’s situation is unique in the first place. You won’t find an exact campaign from online resources that will actually fit your organisation’s needs. Your situation may require a different approach when compared to another client. This is a major reason why you need to work with SEO professionals.

Find a company that has worked with a variety of clients across different industries. Such a company has the capabilities that you’ll need to be at par or take the lead against your top competitors. Tell them about your needs, expectations, and goals and they’ll gladly create a unique strategy based on them.

Your Website Gets Regularly Updated According to the Requirements of the Latest Google Algorithms

The SEO landscape gets overly complex through the years. This is due to the search engines continuous introduction of
new algorithm updates. SEO techniques that had worked five to ten years ago are completely obsolete today. The technology that is used today also plays a part in the complexity, both on the server and user sides.

Having a regular SEO partner will keep your website and online business at the top of things. Every time there’s a new algorithm update, necessary adjustments can quickly be made and prevent your website from falling into obscurity.

SEO Experts Will Help You Get the Highest ROI

The true value of an SEO campaign is raking in the highest return of investment (ROI) possible. It may require a constant, long, and winding road compared to paid marketing but the benefits you get are exponentially better compared to the latter. The value that you get versus the money spent is definitely worth it. SEO campaigns are just not about traffic and getting on the first page of search results. They are more than that.

SEO experts will always use a multi-prong approach to help you achieve the highest possible ROI. A variety of KPIs is set. Every implemented action is carefully evaluated through Google Analytics and audited. Finally, the calculation of SEO ROI is done and presented to you.

To give you an idea of the major areas that a professional SEO agency will be working on a regular basis to help you maximise your revenues, here’s a list we’ve prepared for you.

  • * Continuous SEO auditing with corresponding recommendations
  • * Optimising relevant keywords based on in-depth research
  • * Producing quality content to drive traffic and target audience engagement
  • * Making sure your website is optimised (technically and content-wise)

SEO Agencies Have Tricks of the Trade that You’ll Never Know

The SEO industry is a multi-billion dollar landscape. What makes the industry so profitable is the fact that its professionals and agencies produce long-lasting business growth results for their clients. When it comes to building up an online presence, ranking high in the search engine pages, producing organic traffic, strategically creating content, gaining a new audience and keeping the old customers loyal.

You may be asking: “Do these SEO agencies know something that most people don’t?” The simple answer is of course, yes. These agencies live and breathe SEO. They keep themselves updated with the latest techniques currently used in the industry; with some, they learned through experience and practice. 

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