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Of course, when it comes to cleaning the house, the easiest thing you can do is hire a professional house cleaning team in Ballarat. The pros make cleaning look easy and deliver amazing results, but it’s not always an option and so it’s also good to know some good tips for yourself.

The fact is that most homes could be kept excellently clean if we all just spent about 20 minutes a day on cleaning tasks. Here are some simple cleaning tasks, each of which could be completed within a single 20-minute window (and perhaps more than one task if you’re feeling very efficient).

1. Dusting

You might not get through all the dusting in your home, but spending 20 minutes or less a day on some dust “hotspots” is a good way to spend that daily cleaning time. Depending on where you live, you might get a lot of dust buildup on window sills, for example, or around your TV and/or family photos and frames. Wherever you see it most, attack some of that each day.

Dust that’s left unattended can cause other problems, including health risks from allowing potentially toxic dust to build up over time. There can be some pretty nasty stuff in dusy, it has been discovered.

2. Vacuuming

We deliberately put this one here because you should always dust before you vacuum. Regardless, vacuuming is a great and easy task to do on your rugs, carpets, furniture, stairs, as well as hard floors like the kitchen floors. It’s less physically demanding than sweeping everywhere, and you can cover a lot of ground even in just 20 minutes.

3. Tidying Up

Not everything is about wiping and detergents. A great task to get done day to day in your 20-minute window is simply tidying up clutter that’s left around. It doesn’t take long to sort through a pile of papers and magazines and determine which should be kept, which should be stored away somewhere out of sight, and which others tossed in the trash. If you have kids, you can get them to spend a quick 20 minutes picking up their own toys.

4. Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Glass surfaces are actually among the easiest to clean and so easily fit into your tight daily schedule. All you need are 2 microfibre cloths, one that you’ll wet with cleaner or just some warm water, and the other kept clean and dry. Simply wipe over mirrors and other glass surfaces to clean, and then dry with the other towel.

5. Wiping Down Kitchen Counters

This is a task that will get harder and more time consuming the longer you leave it between cleaning sessions. If you wipe down the kitchen counters daily, then each time will be easier because there is less residue, food waste and other mess to clean up.

6. Clearing and Cleaning the Fridge

This one only needs to take up one 20-minute session every other week if you want. Go through your fridge items and remove any out of date or unusable items before they smell, leak or otherwise contaminate other things in the fridge. At the same time, wipe down the shelves with a cloth regularly before they get too much of a mess.

7. Washing Dishes

If you don’t have a dishwasher and still wash manually, spending 20 minutes getting all the dishes done now will save you a longer and less pleasant task of cleaning the mountain of dishes that builds up when you leave it undone. What’s more, dirty dishes with food residue may attract pests if left in the sink.

Just 20 minutes a day on tasks like these and you’ll find keeping the house in order a much easier proposition.

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