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How popular is Bitcoin in Australia?

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A recent study shows that almost 21.1% of Australians use or own Bitcoin. Furthermore, Australia has the third-highest rate of crypto adoption worldwide. So, it would not be wrong to say that crypto, especially Bitcoin, is ruling the Aussie market. 

Here we have noted down a few sectors that accept Bitcoin payment in Australia. Hopefully, you will know how popular Bitcoin in Australia is by the end of this guide.

What can you buy with Bitcoin in Australia?

So, as you can see, Bitcoin is quite famous and widely spread in Australia. You can find thousands of firms and platforms in the Aussie country that accept Bitcoin. From the time when Bitcoin started its journey, Australians have appreciated the portability and facilities of this cryptocurrency. As a result, several platforms in Australia are using, enabling, and promoting Bitcoin uses.

Here are some specific platforms of Australia that accept Bitcoin. You can buy the following things using Bitcoin here. 

  • Food and beverages: 

Australia is a famous tourist destination. As a result, this country is full of restaurants, pubs, bars, and other places. The owners always try to provide their best service to people. Several Australian restaurants and pubs accept Bitcoin payments regarding payment methods. The restaurants, situated predominantly in the main town and famous areas like Sydney, Melbourne, and Brisbane, enable their customers worldwide to pay using BTC. 

  • Medical services: 

Medical services are a must in all countries. Australia, being a medically developed country, accepts Bitcoin payments. So, whether you opt for a day-to-day dental checkup or big surgeries related to the heart, kidneys, or other parts, go through the payment terms and conditions of the particular service provider. But, remember that not all hospitals and clinics approve Bitcoin as a payment method. So, keep yourself updated about which places accept crypto payments. 

  • Entertainment industries: 

When it comes to Australia, you will find many entertainment industries here and there. Luckily, many entertainment industries, including fashion, games, casinos, and fitness industries, accept Bitcoin payments in Australia. So each time you go to buy an expensive designer dress or something like that, you do not have to carry cash in Australia. Instead, you can quickly pay from your Bitcoin wallet using your phone. 

  • Accommodation: 

As mentioned earlier, Australia is a country for many foreigners. Therefore, the need for accommodation, apartments, and buildings is high in this country. Therefore, if you are going to settle down in Australia from any corner of the world, you must know the payment methods. So in this country, you can pay your rental fees using Bitcoin instead of cash or bank transfer. 

Bitcoin and Gambling in Australia: 

Gambling is one of the favorite pastimes of many Aussie punters. However, since the Australian government has restricted the use of credit card payment in online casinos in Australia, people are looking for new and fresh payment and deposit methods. So it is when the use of Bitcoin in casinos has filled the Aussies with new hope and ease of payment from their comfort zone. You can get your hands on the best online casinos that accept Bitcoin at Betsquare

Bitcoin, being the perfect solution for handling all casino transactions without the full maturity of your personal financial information, is used by so many punters in Australia. 

Here is a list of the best Australian online casinos that accept Bitcoin. 

  • King Billy 
  • Aussie Play
  • True Blue Casino
  • Golden Lion Casino
  • Betchan
  • Playamo

For enabling Bitcoin payment in online casinos, all you have to do is find a casino that accepts Bitcoin, create an account, get a BTC wallet, Buy Bitcoin, and deposit. Similarly, you have to generate a new BTC address and claim a withdrawal for withdrawing using Bitcoin.


So as you can see, Bitcoin and Bitcoin payment are quite famous all over Australia. A massive number of leading platforms all over this country accept Bitcoin payment, which is indeed a pleasure for Aussie cryptocurrency users. But before you begin, always make sure to check out the platform's authenticity before you directly dive into Bitcoin payment. 

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