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Swiss logistics companies operate on transparent practices to alert everyone of what they are doing and what they plan to do next through a complex systems and logistics software to ensure reliability and safety when it comes to handlings your good nationally and internationally.

The following companies focus on eliminating latency in shipments from vendors to prevent logistical errors in the distribution network, this is why they deserve your consideration.

1. Swiss Expo Logistics

This company was founded in Switzerland in 2010 and headed by Alexandra Erdmann. They specialize in catering to your needs and employ fair trade tactics globally. Moreover, Swiss Expo Logistics will take care of all your bureaucratical, organizational and logistical issues so that all of your needs will be met without hassle.

2. B&C Swiss (Logistics and Distribution)

B&C Swiss is located in Ticino, Switzerland and operates mainly as a part of the trucking industry. This company proudly bases its integrity in the logistics field as being one of the best contenders for companies who plan to outsource their distribution process and warehouse management. To minimize overall costs for its clients, B&C Swiss expands its integrated logistics through the provision of storage, transport and finally distribution.

3. Swisslog AG

Swisslog AG is active globally and specializes in automation for distribution and warehousing. The company was founded over 120 years ago, back in 1900, and is headquartered in Buchs. The range of services offered by Swisslog AG are logistical automation, material handling, convertor and warehousing technology. They averaged a revenue of 620.8 million euros in 2015 and house more than 14,000 employees world-wide.

4. DSV

DSV has been active in the logistics space since its inception in 1976. The company has gone through a series of mergers to enhance its global presence. A notable merger was with Panalpina Welttransport helped DSV attain the status of the fifth largest logistics and transport company globally.

DSV now employs over 55,000 people world-wide and strives to achieve the highest global standards. The company is well reputed due to its customer-centric business values as they build their business around the needs of their clients; whenever, wherever, and whatever they may be.

5. Vector Logistics

Vector Logistics is a contemporary logistics company with its headquarters located at Basel, Switzerland. This is also a one-stop solution to transportation as they provide all logistics services under one roof. The company is well-known for being independent from political and financial restrictions, therefore, harbors complete freedom to meet the needs of partners, entrepreneurs and agents.

Final Thoughts

The companies discussed above are some of the largest and the most professional logistics service companies in Switzerland. Aside from being the top 5 contenders in Switzerland, these companies have made a name for themselves on the global market due to the impact they’ve made in areas such as special goods handling, logistics software, SEA-AIR freight, automation, and customs handling all of which are areas that very few companies dare to branch out to.

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